Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Does PCI Mean?

    PCI stands for Payment Card Industry. PCI has a set of standards called Data Security Standards (DSS) and it is a mandatory compliance standard for all payment service providers around the world. In basic terms, it means that you can expect the highest levels of security. We are audited every year to ensure continued security compliance at all levels where cardholder information is transmitted and stored. All data is protected as per the PCI requirements, and we are required to implement the latest intrusion detection, response and systems monitoring technologies.

  • Is Your Gateway Technology Proprietary?

    Our highly skilled and experienced technical teams have taken a world-class product, and over the course of many years, developed it into a very unique multi-platform, multi-currency, multi-host, application with the highest levels of security, scalability and flexibility, with round the clock monitoring and protection.

  • How Secure Is Your Gateway?

    Our payment platforms meet all the industry-standard requirements for systems and data security and integrity.

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